Day 69

So last night was an adventure.  I tried going to bed around 9:30... I was so tired.  It turns out that I wasn't tired enough.  It also turns out that it was approximately 300 degrees at our campground with a humidity of 110%.  Just laying in my little pup tent made me dripping with sweat.  So after about an hour I decided to sleep in one of the cars.  That went ok.  I had the windows rolled down but it rained off and on until about 12:30.  So I rolled the windows down when it wasn't raining then rolled them up (mostly) while it was raining.  One of the dogs also joined me in the car, but he was a good dog.  I think I fell asleep around 1-ish for a little bit, but between the rain, heat, humidity, and varying breeze I wasn't able to sleep for very long.  Around 7 I finally woke up.  I think I slept for 3 or so hours?  Jessie and Amber made breakfast while I just bummed around.

Mornings have been rough.  I cough a lot and just don't feel good.  Usually by mid morning I feel better though.  This morning was no different, except that I couldn't talk.  My throat finally decided that it had had enough coughing, so it was going to not let me talk.  Woo.  So I've been whispering all day.  It's been... neat.

After breakfast we cleaned up and came back to Jesse and Amber's house.  We cleaned the cars out and then took turns showering while the pizza came.  Pizza was yummy.  We had a pepperoni pizza and a chicken/barbecue sauce pizza.  They were both quite tasty.  During lunch we watched Friends.  When we had finished eating we played a game of Puerto Rico!  It was fun.  It's been difficult to put thoughts together.  Being sick and on various drugs has made it hard to focus and put my thoughts together.  I'm ready to be done with this whole sickness thing.

Amber made corned beef and vegetables for dinner.  It was really good.  After dinner we went between playing Puerto Rico, watching Friends, and playing Carcassone.  And...umm... I'm tired.  So I'm going to bed now.  Night!

Day 68

I'm getting really good at making excuses for not updating at night.  Today's: I was camping.

So now that we're through with excuses and such, on to my yesterday.  Jessie and Richard came up Thursday night so that we could all go see Amber and Jesse yesterday.  So we left around 10 yesterday morning.  Kimmy left around the same time.  And then we ran into her at the gas station!  Woo!  But then she actually had to go, which is silly. I made her promise to come back sometime.

Anyhow, travel time.  Not much to say about it.  It was long and everything but we made it.  We got lunch at Quizzno's.  I had honey smoked ham.  It was tasty.  Um... then we drove some more.  We got to Amber's house around 4 or so.  Then we just kinda hung out until Jesse got home from work.  When had packed the cars up we left for camping!  Woo!

We got to the campsite around 6:30, unpacked, and made dinner.  We had hot dogs and baked beans.  It was tasty, except that Amber forgot the ketchup.  Silly Amber!  But was ok.  Dinner was still good.  It was really hot though.  A lot of hot and muggy.  We started playing Dominoes, but it got dark and I was tired.  So I tried going to bed.  That was an adventure... which I will discuss more in my next post in the next twelve hours!


Day 67

I appeal to the "I was too tired" excuse for not updating last night.  Hopefully that is sufficient.

Yesterday was a much better day.  I got up around 8:30 and called the doctor to see if I could get an appointment for someone could give me a prescription for my pink eye.  I was able to get a 10:15 appointment (praise Jesus).  So after breakfast I called mom to see if she could meet me at the doctor's office to give me the insurance card and everything.  So in the mean time I got breakfast and showered, then went over to the doctor!  Apparently when I'm sick I get super hungry.  I feel like I could eat all the things and never be filled...

So I went to the doctor.  When the receptionist was taking me back to the examining room she asked me why I was there and I told her that I thought I had pink eye.  She just laughed and said "yes, you certainly do."  The doctor confirmed that I do indeed have pink eye.  But apparently my sinus congestion was viral, so I couldn't really take anything for it besides an anti-congestant.  Yay.

Anyways, I went to Rite-Aid to get my prescription and that went well.  After that I went to the license bureau and got my license plates.  The people there seem to be a lot happier recently, which is nice.  So then I went home, got Kimmy up and ate lunch!  I like lunch.  We watched more Big Bang Theory.  After that we waited for mom to get home because we were going to go visit that grandfolks.  We forgot to call them ahead of time, which turned out to be a bad idea because they were not at their apartment.  Oh well. So we had a nice little drive and everything.  When we got back mom started working on dinner and Kimmy took a nap.

We had chicken and rice for dinner.  It was tasty.  I love Zatarain rice.  So much goodness.  We had the black bean rice, which is one of my favorites.  After dinner we cleaned up and went back to the grandparents!  They were available that time.  So we visited with them for a while and it was good.  Jessie and Richard got there around 8.  Yup.  Mom, Kimmy and I left around 8:45 because we had some errands to run.  And then we went home!

Around 10 (10:10 to be precise) we met Becky and Miles at Waffle House.  We had a surprise appearance from Miles' sister who just got back from some over seas trip.  So she was all jet lagged.  That was all fun.  Then we came home and I went to bed!


Day 66

Blargh.  Today went out decently... before the bomb dropped.

I woke up around 10 after a rough night of coughing, sore throat, and just feeling gross.  I was still tired, but I couldn't sleep anymore.  Amber texted me to see if I could make sure a video she had emailed to mom and dad worked.  I laid in bed for about fifteen minutes trying to decide whether I was awake enough to do so.  I decided that I wasn't, but I would do it anyways.  It worked.  I think I got some breakfast after I realized that I couldn't fall back asleep.

After breakfast I have no idea what I did.  But I did something for a while.  And then I showered and got Kimmy up for lunch.  Ugh, I have no idea what I did.  I took Tylenol PM last night, but I didn't sleep for a full 8 hours.  I slept for about 6.  So I was very groggy when I woke up and for most of the day.  The whole day, actually.  I was groggy and my limbs felt tingly.  That always happens when I take Tylenol PM.  So yeah.  My morning was a blur.  After lunch Kimmy and I watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory, then played some Left 4 Dead.  When mom got home we talked with her for a bit.  She went to go work on dinner so I showed Kimmy how to work the various menus in different games and on Xbox dashboard.

I think I did something productive after that.  Maybe we helped set the table.  I'm not sure.  This is so frustrating, I feel like I wasted a day.  I hate doing that.  I started blogging to help me differentiate between days and remember that each day is a unique event, not simply a continuum of movements.  But I can't think of what I did.  It wouldn't have made a difference whether it did or did not happen because I can't remember what I did or what impact it had.  Perfect.

So we had dinner and it was good.  Mom made pork chops and heated up some left over mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans.  After dinner even more fun started: I noticed a huge amassment of yellow stuff in my left eye.  So I promptly took my contacts out and started getting it out of my eye.  I told mom and she said it was pink eye.  Which is exactly what I wanted, obviously.  So now I get to deal with coughing up yellow stuff and getting other yellow stuff out of my eye.  Terrific.  This is just splendid.

So around this point I just started feeling like garbage.  As I'm sure you've noticed.  So I just hunkered down in front of my computer for the rest of the evening, taking a break every 20 or 30 minutes to get the goop out of my eye. As a bonus feature, if I wait too long it just starts to run down my face, like tears.  But instead of tears, it's yellow nasty stuff.  Ah yes, what a fantastic day.  I really really really hope that the doctor can see me tomorrow.  Because I really don't want to have to go another day feeling like this.  I just want it to be over... I'm so sick of feeling miserable.

Day 65

So today's excuse for not blogging last night: I was tired.  But more on that later.

Yesterday morning I had a poptart for breakfast then went to go cut the grass.  It really needed it.  it was my first time cutting the whole yard with the riding mower.  Parts of it were challenging, but I was able to get it all.

When I finished I think I took a shower, got Kimmy up and got lunch.  During lunch we watched some Big Bang Theory.  I do enjoy that show.  When we were done we made pizza dough for dinner and mashed potatoes for dad's dinner.  Then we took said pizza dough to James' house of Board Game Day 2!

We started with a game called "Zombies!!!"  It was a lot of fun.  The board is constructed as you play with tiles that have parts of roads and buildings on them.  So on your turn you take a road tile, place it adjacent to another road tile, and place the appropriate number of zombies on that tile.  You then roll to see how many space you can move.  If you encounter a zombie, you roll a die: 4, 5, 6 kills the zombie.  If you get a 1,2, or 3 you can use your heart or bullet tokens to help you win.  You start the game with three of each.  A bullet token raises your attack roll by one per bullet used.  So if you rolled a 3, one bullet token would make it a 4 which allows you to kill the zombie.  Alternatively, using a heart token lets you reroll.  Once you run out of heart tokens, you lose half of the zombies that you killed and start back in at the starting piece.  Losing zombies is significant because you can win by collecting 25 zombies.  Additionally, the last piece to be played is a heli-pad.  The other way to win is to be the first player to reach the heli-pad and clear it of zombies.  So anyway, it was fun.  I won :)  After that Miles had to go get his bike fit.  James, Kimmy and I played a game of Dominion.

Then we went to Kroger to get cheese and went over to Becky's house to finish making pizza.  Becky got there right before the pizza was done and Miles got there about 10 minutes after it was done.  So we had pizza and played another game of Dominion.  Kimmy won!  And then we played another game of Zombies!!! and I won!  So obviously that was good.  It was a fun day.

The not fun part started when we got back.  My throat had been sore with drainage all day.  Kimmy suggested that I heat some water and hold it under my face to breathe all the steam in.  That helped kinda... I got some stuff out, but it also made me throw up.  So I decided I was done with that.  I ended up just trying to go to bed and hope for the best. Yeah, that didn't work.  I was in bed for about an hour and a half and decided to take some Benadryl.  That did nothing.  So I waited another hour and a half and took two Tylenol PM.  I think that worked.  I finally fell asleep around 4:30.  And that, friends, is why I did not update last night.  On the plus side I'm feeling a bit better today.  Hopefully I'm all better in the next day or so!


Day 64

Blargh.  Apparently I felt like being sick today.  It was not fun.

I woke up a few times throughout the night and my throat was all scratchy and everything.  So around 3am I took a throat lozenge that did absolutely nothing except taste like oranges.  I finally got up around 9 or so and had some toast and apple juice.  I just felt...blah.  I had a headache, my throat was sore, and I had no energy.  Thankfully the grass was kind of wet so that gave me an excuse to not cut it.  Instead I just kind of meandered around the house and played video games and such.

After a while I decided to get lunch.  I think I had pasta and something else.  I don't remember.  It was a long time ago.  After lunch I showered and went to get my license plate.  But apparently I don't have the title for my car, so I'll have to go back after I get that.  So I came back and played more video games.  I just didn't feel like doing anything today.  I started doing some dishes, but then decided to take a nap instead.  So I napped for about 2 hours.  I took some ibuprofen when I woke up and started to feel a little better.

Mom got home around then and we started making dinner.  She got a roisterer chicken and we made some corn and carrots.  It was good.  After dinner I helped clean up a little bit then went to go sit downstairs where it was cooler and darker.  Kimmy and I ended up playing the Sims for a little bit.  Then we got food.  I hadn't eaten much earlier in the day and apparently my stomach was ready for more food, even though we'd finished dinner about an hour and a half earlier.  Oh well.  So I had more of dinner.

Umm... then I spent the next couple hours on my computer, on Reddit and playing TF2 with Miles.  And now I'm going to get some apple juice, ibuprofen, and sleep!  Hopefully I feel better in the morning.


Day 63

Today was far more awesome than I had anticipated.  I got up this morning at 9:05, took a shower, and got breakfast.  I got Kimmy up to go to church with me, but she was not feeling well.  So I sat by myself.  Pastor Ben talked about how churches need to be "messy" in their effort to do God's work.  It was good.  Apparently while I was in church my phone decided to do some sort of update or something.  When I went in to church I had 100% battery, but when I left I had 60% battery and somehow had downloaded about 100 MB worth of data.  So when I got home I promptly found and installed an app that allowed me to see exactly how my data is consumed.  Then I got Kimmy up (for real this time), I got lunch, and we went to the movies!  We met Miles at the theater to go see Captain America.  Kimmy paid for my ticket because she accidentally bought some music on my Amazon account.  So it worked out.

Captain America was amazing the second time as well.  Such goodness.  Afterwards we went to Gamestop so Kimmy could get The Sims (a game).  Miles insisted that we go pet the puppies at the pet store next door, which Kimmy clearly did not mind.  Since Miles didn't feel like going home right then he came to our house where he and I played Kinect Adventures...while Kimmy napped.  We played that for a while until we got hungry and decided to make dinner.  Instead of getting food right away Miles and I talked about books and philosophy and the universe for a while.  It was good.  I enjoy talking about such things with him.  After much debate we ended up making breaded chicken with all sorts of yummy spices, home fries, and yellow rice.  It was fun.  Mom and dad got home about halfway through.  We ate a little later (about 6:30) but it was good.  And way tasty.  Mom cleaned up for us since we made dinner.  So Kimmy, Miles and I went downstairs to play The Sims.  We spent a while creating the characters.  We ended up making two characters that were complete opposites and forced them to become friends.  So that will be interesting.

We played the Sims for a while.  Then we went to get ice cream.  But Dietch's was closed, so we went to Cold Stone.  I paid in change... and $1 on my debit card.  Win!   After ice cream and discussions about school and our favorite professors.  Then we went to walk around Wal-mart and play with the toys.  Around 10:20 we decided that it was time to go home since Kimmy was tired and Miles has to work in the morning.  So we came back, Miles got his car, and we parted ways.  Until next time.  And so too do I part ways, for it is my bed time.  Night!


Day 62

Amber and I were going to go watch dad's soccer team play this morning, but apparently my alarm didn't go off.  Or I didn't turn it on last night.  Either way, I didn't wake up until the game was starting.  So... we didn't go.  Instead we just kind of hung around.  I had cereal for breakfast and such.

After my shower we decided we were going to go to grandparents.  But then it was too close to their lunch time, so we decided to wait until after lunch.  In the mean time we went to Arby's for food. It was tasty.  There was some sort of party or some nonsense going on.  And a grumpy guy that would stare at Lily for about two minutes if she started crying.  But otherwise it was lovely.  Some cute old lady offered to take Lily home.

We surprised the grandfolks.  They were excited.  Poppy wasn't there when we arrived because he was eating lunch.  But he was quite surprised to see us when he came back.  So we sat and talked with them for a while.  We talked about Amber's house and everything.  Amber showed us pictures.  It looks really nice.  I'm excited for them.

After the visiting the grandparents we went to go see mom at Hobby Lobby for a few minutes.  Then we came home and Amber packed up her stuff and went back to Zanesville to get Jesse and go home.  She finally took the doll house with her (yes Dad, it's actually gone).  After Amber left Kimmy and I played some Left 4 Dead.  That was fun.  Then Kimmy went to go take a nap.  When mom came home she and I made some dinner.  We made chicken parmigiana, corn, and green beans.  It was really good.

Dad got home about halfway through dinner.  Things at his tournament had not gone well.  He entered two teams (JV and varsity) and this afternoon they both played at the same time.  So he could only be at one of the games (clearly, since there is only one of him).  But at the other game one of his girls got really hurt.  Originally he thought she'd broken some ribs, but thankfully it was only a serious bruise.  But he felt really bad about not being there.  So he and mom went to go get ice cream after dinner and he felt better when they got back.  I mean, obviously.  Ice cream makes everything better!

Kimmy and I made some lemon bars.  But we're letting them cool over night... so we didn't get to try them  :/  But hopefully they're good.  We tried to go back to Gamestop but they were closed. Which was silliness.  So we came back and I played TF2 with Miles... and now here we are!  Night!

Day 61

Yet another time where I have a good excuse for not updating last night: Blogger was down.  I don't really like updating the day after because I forget so much of what happened.  Oh well :/

Yesterday morning I had planned on cutting the grass, but dad took the van and the air compressor.  Since we don't have any other way of filling the lawn mower's tire up with air (besides the useless bike pump), I suppose I'll have to do it some other time.  So instead of cutting the grass I just did some stuff around the house.  Laundry and such.

After lunch I tested out Kimmy's Xbox 360 to make sure it worked and everything.  I bought Jesse's old Xbox from him for Kimmy's birthday... which isn't for another month but oh well.  I don't like waiting.  So I made sure that was working and set it up for her and all that.  Then I tested out one of the Kinect games to make sure the sensor was working properly.  And I had left over stir-fry for lunch.  It was really good.

After lunch and everything I played Assassin's creed for a bit.  I finally beat it.  It's a really good game, in spite of the annoying unresponsive controls.  Oh well.  When I'd finished with that I cleaned up some stuff around the house.  Dad was at a soccer tournament with his team for most of the day yesterday and I didn't know when he would be coming back so I just had a sandwich for dinner.  It was tasty.  He got home around 5:20.  He has two teams in the tournament (varsity and JV) and they both had two games and won them.  That was exciting and things.

Kimmy got here around 7.  Woo!  I gave her birthday present to her after she had some food.  She liked it (the food and the present).  Then we went out to Gamestop so she could look for new games and batteries.  The entire time she was buying her game the guy was talking at me... even though I clearly was not involved with the purchase.  Oh well.  We went to Wal-mart to look for rechargeable batteries but couldn't find any.  So we got lithium batteries instead.

Amber got here around 10.  She had some paper work she needed to have filled out.  She and Jesse are buying a house!  So that was neat.  We just sat around and chatted and talked and everything... then we all went to bed!


Day 60

I actually have a good reason for not updating last night.  Well, I think it's a good reason anyhow.

Yesterday morning I got up, had breakfast and that stuff.  I did some laundry.  Starting getting Kimmy's ready for when she comes to visit.  Then around 10:30 mom and I went to go visit the grandfolks.  So we talked with them for a while and then had lunch in their dining place.  It was really good.  We had turkey and ham chef salads.  So much tastiness.  Afterwards we sat around talked with them for a while.  It was lots of fun.

After lunch mom went to go get her hair cut and I took my economics final.  Um. It's over!  Woo!  No more economics... until the fall when I'm dealing with mathematical economics.  Blargh.  But it's done for now, and I am full of happiness.

After that I did some cleaning and got dinner.  Mom made stir fry.  After that dad went to soccer camp and mom and I cleaned up.  Then mom and I had a phone lesson.  I showed her how to install a new keyboard on her phone.  Swiftkey X was free in the Amazon app store yesterday, so I showed her how to get it and use it because it's infinitely better than the stock keyboard.

Around 7:15 I got a call from Miles.  He really wanted me to go to the midnight showing of Captain America.  I really wanted to wait until I could go with him, James, and Kimmy and I couldn't afford going twice.  So he offered to pay for me and pick me up.  At this point I had absolutely no reason to not go.  So he came by around 8 and we trollied off to Bowling Green.

We got there around 8:30 and bought our tickets.  And then we had 3 and a half hours before the move started.  So we walked around the mall and around Wal-mart... and still had two and a half hours.  So we went Myle's Dairy Queen and got ice cream.  That was fun and tasty and all that.

So eventually it was movie time.  And oh my word it was so good.  I won't ruin it for anyone who plans to go see it, but it was really good and I felt like they really got to the core of the Captain America character really well.


Day 59

Today went well.  I had a bagel for breakfast.  The simplicity of the bagel astounds me.  So much goodness in a small circle of bread.  After my obligatory bagel I went to the basement to work out.  I did chest today.  Ugh.  Just...ugh.  I was so tired afterwards.  Chest has always been one of the hardest muscle groups for me to exercise because you have to flex in specific ways to get the proper workout.  It's not like working your biceps where you can curl whatever however it happens or legs where you can just push until you feel some resistance.  No, chest is tricky.  If you don't specifically flex your chest muscles, you end up just working your arms or shoulders.  Which isn't bad... but not the intentions.  And there are better ways to work out those muscles.  So it's taken me quite some time (and much help form various guys in the weight room at Mount Vernon) to discover exactly how to flex while working out.  And I know when it's right because it's way harder to do the exercise.  So you know... that's lots of fun.

After my shower mom and I went to do some grocery shopping.  I got some new shorts (which I realize are not groceries).  We saw some people, talked with them for a while, traded stories... it was a good time.  When we got back we put the groceries away and had lunch.  We talked for a while about why dad and I are so adamant about her going part time, the reason basically being that she has things that she wants to do but can't because she's so busy with work.  So as I told mom "dad and I are problem solvers.  And the obvious solution, regardless of any emotional attachment you have with Hobby Lobby, is to go part time so that you can do more of the things you want to do.  And the number of things you want to do isn't going to run out anytime soon... there will always be more things to do."  That was the main focus of our conversation.  It was good.

After lunch I started working on my last project for my economics class.  It was on the current economic state in the US in comparison to another country of my choice.  I chose Sweden for no particular reason.  Though the paper itself is pretty boring, I did discover the CIA's World Fact Book, which is really interesting for someone like myself who enjoys statistics.  It list most of the countries in the world and gives all of the known information about that country.  It's really cool... in my mind anyways.  I've also spent hours going through the census records just for fun.  So you know, take that as you please.

Mom made some really good fish and rice for dinner.  A lot of good.  After dinner mom went to the auction for the grandparent's house and dad went to his soccer camp things.  I worked on my paper.  Blargh.  But I finished it and parents came home from their respective things.  So we chatted, they went to bed, I played Team Fortress with Miles... and now here I am.  Going to bed.


Day 59

I'm trying something new today.  I think I'm going to try to get to bed before midnight.  This should be interesting, as I haven't done this for quite some time.  The past couple nights especially have been late for me, so this is much needed.  Overall, today was amazing.

It started off with a quick bagel for breakfast and then into my workout.  Biceps and legs today.  I wish I could get some more variety in my workouts because I tend to only have about four different exercises for each muscle group.  Partially from lack of familiarity with exercises I can do with only free weights, partially out of laziness in not seeking more exercises.  Right now I'm just content that I'm actually still lifting weights.  I'm down from doing 3 exercises per muscle group to 2.  I've just found it really really difficult to motivate myself to do those extra sets.  So I figured that instead of discouraging myself out of lifting weights, I could just reduce a little bit.  It's been working, but I know I should be doing more.  It's just hard to stay motivated.  I hate exercising, but I know it's good for me.  I didn't mind going to the weight room in Mount Vernon after I got used to it (and stopped getting deathly sore from ill use of muscles).  I always went down at the same times and I got to know (or already knew) the guys who were down there.  It was a great experience.  If someone needed help or a spotter, they didn't just have to ask the person who went with them.  They could ask anyone down there and we were all willing to help out.  I asked guys I hardly knew for advice on how to get a better work out and they were more than happy to help.  One time I borrowed some gloves from a guy I literally hadn't talked to since the class we had together first semester of my freshman year.  But that didn't matter.  What mattered was that he wanted to help me out.  And that was the attitude of the weight room.  Sure it was cramped, but we were our own sub-culture of Mount Vernon.  And it was wonderful.  I miss that.  Working out at home just isn't the same....

Anyways.  After working out I wrangled me some shutters.  The ones that I painted were replacements for the shutters by our lower level windows.  Unfortunately, the replacements were smaller than the originals but I wanted to use the same holes in the siding that had been  used for the original shutters.  So here is the situation: holes drilled into shutters for LARGE shutters, but I need to line those holes up on the SMALL shutters.  This was quite the task.  It took me about 30 minutes to figure out what I was doing and drill the first set of holes through the new shutters.  It was really tight.  The holes were about 1/4 of an inch from the edge of the new shutters.  So not a whole lot of wiggle room.  But by some miracle and a bit of pixie dust I was able to get the shutters up on the first try.  I had to do some jank maneuvering with the screws, but I got it.  Win!

When I'd finished working the shutters I decided that I was hot, sweaty, and disgusting enough to warrant taking a shower.  So I did.  After which I had lunch.  I really wanted a salad...so I had one.  I used some of the lettuce from the garden, green onion, tomato, and pork bit.  The only pork we had left was in the spaghetti sauce from last night.  Not one to mind mixing unusual tastes, I just tried to shake off as much sauce as I could and plopped the pork chunks into my salad.  It went well with the blue cheese dressing....

After lunch I had intended to get some homework done.  That didn't happen.

Around 2:45 I left to begin Board Game Day with James and Miles.  It was awesome.  We started at James' house with a game called Dominion.  It's a card based game that involves... money cards that let you buy action cards that let you do things... to eventually let get enough money to buy victory point cards.  And whoever has the most victory point cards at the end of the game wins!  It was fun and everything.  So we played that... then we played a few games of Carcassone... which is kind of like dominoes mixed with SimCity. It's a lot of fun.  We then transitioned into a game of Settlers, using James' collector's edition.  It looks like this.  So that was fun.  During our game, Becky texted us and told us that we should come join to her house and play games with her.  So we did.  Except she wasn't there.  And she wasn't there.  Miles had a key so we went inside... but she was no where to be found.  We called her but she didn't pick up.  So after about 20 minutes we went to get dinner and came back.  Still no Becky.  We decided to start playing another game of Dominion and hope she eventually came.  She did.  Apparently she had been at work and neglected to tell us (or we neglected to read her text carefully enough) that she was at work... and we were supposed to come over when she was done.  Oh well!

And then.. I came home... browsed Reddit, talked with people on Facebook... and now I'm going to bed!  Only one hour after I had planned.  Shoot.


Day 58

Once again I neglected to update this last night.  Shoot.

Yesterday start off not being the greatest.  I woke up a bit late, so I had a quick breakfast and started doing house work instead of working out.  I was going to put the shutters up until I realized that they were a different size than the shutters we used to have on the windows.  So I opted to wait until mom and dad got home to figure out what to do.  It was incredibly humid out.  Like... I had trouble breathing because of how thick and wet the air was.  It was awful.  So instead of putting the shutters back up, I took pieces of the cabinets we took apart and placed them in the garage.  We're hoping we can put a orange bag on them and the garbage man will take them away.  But we'll see.

Hmm.  I decided to take a much needed shower after that.  Then I got lunch: a sandwich with ham, colby jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and barbecue mesquite spice.  It was wonderful.  Post lunch: less than wonderful.  I learned that instead of having all week to complete my final assignments for my class, I have to have them done by Thursday night.  Awesome.  I also found out that Kimmy probably won't be able to come visit for about two weeks instead of this weekend.  It was all dumb and made me grumpy.  I just wanted a nap.  But eventually I got over myself.

I made spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner.  Yup.  Dad has his soccer camp all week.  He left a little before 5 so he didn't get to eat with us.  After dinner I sat around and talked with mom for a while.  Then I finished homework, talked with dad when he got home.  Then mom and dad started making lunches/going to bed, so I played Team Fortress with James and Miles for a while.

Not the most exciting day... but it is what it is.  The end.


Day 57

It appears that I was too tired to update this last night.  Whoops.

Yesterday I had Cracklin' Oat Bran for breakfast.  It's one of my favorite cereals, along with granola.  Then I went to church and sat with the Church and Vandekoppel families.  Last Sunday the new worship leader explained his perspective on what worship is and he said how he wanted to expand worship to arts beyond just music.  So when I got there I saw a few large drawings in chalk on the stage.  They were really neat.

After church mom and dad went to some... barbecue thing over at the Liberty Benton high school and got us lunch.  A week or so ago someone came buy selling tickets for it as a fund raiser, so they redeemed it for lunch.  It was yummy.  When we'd finished eating mom and dad went to watch the soccer game with dad's team captains.  I stayed home and did homework.  So much fun... I will be so glad when this class is over.

When I'd finished homework I played Team Fortress with Miles, got some dinner, then hung out with mom and dad for a while.  Around 10 I met Miles at Taco Bell, then we went to Becky's house.  We were going to go to Waffle House, but Becky decided that she's rather be at her house since she hadn't been there much recently.  So that was fun.  Today is Becky's birthday!  And Miles and I celebrated by talking politics.... whoops!  But she colored, so we were all happy. James trollied through eventually, at which point Miles and I stopped talking politics and we talked about...something.  And then we watched youtube videos... then it was 2 am and I realized that I needed to be asleep.  So I went home and did that.  The end.


Day 56

Today was really good.  Not as productive as I had planned, but really good.  When I got up mom made me eggs for breakfast.  They were so tasty.  A little garlic salt, a little green onion... oh my.  So amazing.  And I had a bagel.  If there is any breakfast food I love more than the simply satisfying bagel, it's eggs.  Scrambled, as an omelette, over easy, eggs in a basket (personal favorite)... doesn't matter.  Every way is spectacular.  After breakfast mom and I went to go visit the grandfolks for a bit before mom went to work.  That was fun.  They're getting all settled into their new apartment.  It's been quite an adventure, for certain!

When I got home I got some lunch.  I think I just had a sandwich.  For some reason I thought it was something different... but maybe not.  I can't think of it now. Hmm. Anyhow, I spent the majority of my afternoon playing video games.  I was going to do my last bit of homework... but didn't feel like it.  So tomorrow!  

It's always very interesting when a video game comes near the end.  It just feels like it's about to be over.  The basic mechanics of the game become thoughtless reactions, the enemies become harder to compensate for your increased skill and character abilities.  The levels look familiar as you have played them or similar areas before.  The plot begins to come together and any twists have already happened.  It feels like there is little that remains undone.  I wonder if that's what life feels like near the end: you get a feeling that there are not many things left undone.  I don't imagine that every person feels accomplishment.  In fact, Erik Erikson compared the two feelings of accomplishment and despair.  But I wonder if I will feel ready to meat my Maker when I no longer feel that there is much left undone.  In many ways video games imitate life, but in others games purposely create fiction that is more appealing than reality.  When I'm playing a game, I don't want to think about how unrealistic it is that a magical "health pack" can fix all my wounds, or that I can carry 10 of these health packs, 5 weapons, a full set of armor, and $200,000 worth of coins.  If I was affected by these individual things in the game, it would be annoying and not fun.  But I do like that people get angry when I run into them or react when I run on roof tops.  So there is a certain amount of reality that is present to immerse people into a game... but there is a measured amount of exaggerating reality to make it more entertaining.  But not so much that it feels fake.  Just enough that it's more appealing than reality.  The social commentary present in video games has always astounded me.

There comes a time in every person's life where he or she gets hungry.  So I took it upon myself to satisfy this need for dinner.  Behold: my creation!

It was so good.  I put the pork in a skillet and covered it with barbecue sauce, set the fire on low-medium, and turned it every few minutes.  Overall, probably about 20 minutes.  Then I made mashed potatoes (instant... cuz I was lazy) with garlic salt, lemon pepper seasoning, and green onion.  It was so good.  Oh my word.  The pork was so tender and saturated with barbecue sauce.  And it only took about 20 minutes to make.  So very worth it.

After dinner I went to go hang out with Shawn.  That was fun.  I hadn't seen him in quite some time.  We had a good time.  We just talked about... everything.  It was much needed and all sorts of fun.

And now it's bed time. Good night!


Day 55

Today.  Hmm... today.  It was something.

I got up and a bagel for breakfast.  Sometimes I forget how much I love bagels.  They're so good.  First off... bread is awesome.  Second, bagels are amazing.  They taste great, when they're toasted the warm and crunchy essence engulfs your taste buds.  Then just when you think it can't get better: a dribble of butter just happily free falling against the grooves in your tongue.  Such perfection.

So I decided to ruin my moment of perfection with my bagel by working out.  Today was chest.  I don't really know what I'm doing all the time... I just try to figure out what muscles need worked, then grab some weights and flail my arms about until it works the right group.  It's decently effective.

After working out I was going to put the recently painted shutters up.  That went well until I realized that it didn't come with normal screws.  It has... these plastic rods that look like they're supposed to be screws, but instead of spiraling down the rod there are just protruding rings that don't spiral into a screw.  Which to me and my limited knowledge as a handyman seemed entirely useless.  So I left it for today.  I was defeated in this battle, but I shall face the shutters again... and I shall avail!  I chose to fight another battle before lunch and start replacing the screens in the windows.  I got one done.  It took longer than I thought.  But I got it.

Lunch was a sandwich with way too much honey mustard.  But it was still decent.  I watched some more Super humans.  Yup.

After lunch I spent some time finding sounds for alerts on my phone.  I'm not really sure why.... I  usually have my phone on silent.  But I did.  So that was exciting.  I went to get dad for envelopes for his soccer team's pictures.  My afternoon was quite exciting.

I made a skillet casserole thing for dinner tonight.  It was really good.  It had pork, vegetables, noodles, and chicken bouillon. Some other stuff.  It turned out really well.... I'll have to do that again.

After dinner I tried to help mom fix her phone and kinda failed pretty miserably.  It just... wasn't doing what I wanted it to do.  Blargh.  When I'd finished doing phone things... we all sat in the living room on our respective electronic devices  and did stuff.  Actually I think we were all playing Words with Friends.  But it was fun.  Eventually I went up to my room and played Team Fortress and such.  And now I'm getting ready for bed!


Day 54

I really need to start going to bed earlier.  Nights need to stop being so entertaining...

For breakfast I had frosted mini-wheats with blueberries.  One of mom's co-workers goes up to Michigan and picks a bunch of blueberries every year.  So we got about 10 pounds... I figured we could spare a few for my breakfast.  It was so good.  Those blueberries are amazing.  After breakfast I did my workout: legs abs and back today.  I've officially decided* that there is despise working out and I really wish that I could be in shape by sitting around all day.  Blargh.

When I'd finished with that garbage, I finished painting the shutters.  I think they're good enough, so I'll put them up tomorrow.  The paint is a slightly different shade from the other shutters, but I don't think it will really make a difference.  I'm going to paint the door and window to match it, so it really won't make a difference.  So I finished painting and had a lunch of Mexican rice and potato soup.  Cold.  Mixed together.  It was so good.  Tomatoes or salsa would have made it even better, but it was pretty good.

After lunch I played Assassin's Creed most of the afternoon.  I didn't have any pressing business to accomplish... so I didn't.  *shrugs*  I put laundry away, but that was it.  I think I put some laundry in the dryer.... it's still there.  Shoot.

Dad and mom came home around 5-ish and we went to dinner at Logan's Irish Pub.  It was a really good.  I had Shepard's Pie.  With some malt vinegar.  I love malt vinegar... I forget how good it is.  While we were there we talked with someone with whom Amber used to play soccer: Katelyn Logan.  So yeah, that was mostly for Amber and Jessie's benefit, since I doubt anyone else knows her.

When we got home mom and I watched "How to Train your Dragon."  I watched it on the way back from Florida over spring break, but mom hadn't seen it.  It's good.  Then when we were done... mom and I went up to where dad was and like truly awesome people we all sat engaged in our respective electronic devices, playing Words with Friends.  Yup.  We're neat. :)

Then mom and dad went to bed and I played video games until... about an hour ago.  And now I'm done with this and I'm going to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll start earlier.  I keep meaning to talk about important stuff but by this point I'm too tired.  Alas.


Day 53

Today was a bit of a busy day.  Breakfast was rough... we were pretty low on food.  I think I had a couple pieces of toast with peanut butter.  Just a little bit to get me going before my work out.  Today was biceps and legs.  I was going to do my triceps but my shoulder is still bothering me and a lot of my tricep workouts bother my shoulders... so I'm just going to let it rest for a while longer.

After my workout I started painting shutters.  Oh joy... how I love painting.  There are some things that I dislike more... such as the time that I was sledding and slammed face first into a tree.  Or steamed cauliflower.  Or getting abducted and shipped to Shanghai.  All of these things are worse than painting.  But only by a little bit.  Anyhow, that was awesome.  I discovered that I was able to watch a movie via Netflix while I painted, so that made things better.

After painting I took a shower and got lunch.  Showers feel so good after working out and painting.  I feel so gross and then I shower... it feels like God himself is placing each drop of water on me from his golden bucket.  So much goodness.  I had some potato soup from last night for lunch.  Cold, of course.  I watched another episode of Superhumans.  Today I saw a guy with a head twice as thick as most peoples, a beatboxer who can imitate 5 instruments at the same time, a dude who claims he can predict the future, and a runner who has an incredibly low build up speed of lactic acid, so he can run forever.  Well, at least 80 hours (that's his record).  So that was entertaining and such.  When I'd finished eating I read some economics for a while, then answered the questions and all that lovely garbage.

I had an eye appointment today.  I think he was a little frustrated that I couldn't remember what brand my contacts are.  Over Christmas I went to Sears to get more contacts because I couldn't get in to see my regular optometrist before the insurance ran out.  But they gave me a different brand so he didn't know whether anything had changed or such.  It was all very exciting.  But I should be getting more contacts soon.  Which is good, because I'm on my last pair.  Some day I really want to look into getting laser eye surgery....

Um.. I finished my errands, then came home and kind of made dinner.  We really didn't have much food, so I made a box of rice that I found.  Dad had a soccer game tonight so he didn't eat with me, but I had rice and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  It was a wonderful combo.  When mom came home we went to the soccer game.  The JV lost (I think) but they played really well.  Then the varsity won, but did not play so well.  It was exciting and everything.  While we were at the game I showed mom a new app that I found yesterday, entitled "Draw!"  It lets you draw (if that wasn't apparent).  It's pretty sweet.

When we got home I did something.  I don't really remember what.  But after I was done I played some Assassin's Creed.  I've really been enjoying that game.  It's set in late fifteenth century Italy and you explore some the main cities.  It's interesting to see how much effort they put into recreating some of the famous landmarks and comparing it with what I remember from when I've been there.  I'm certain that they took plenty of creative liberties with the non-monuments, but they also took a lot of time to make sure that the famous landmarks were pretty accurate.  They also mention some of the Italian history from that time in the dialogue, like the Medici family and all that jazz.  It's interesting. And fun.

And now it's bed time.


Day 52

Today was a much better day than yesterday.  I was going to get up early to work out... but then I didn't feel like it.  So I didn't, and I was very happy with my decision.

I got up, had my morning bowl of cereal (frosted mini-wheats), and talked with mom while she did her morning routine.  After I'd eaten and showered and everything, I went to the doctor so he could look at the spots on my arms and back.  He gave me a prescription from some ointment.  I'll get that tomorrow.  I have to go back to the doctor's office to give them the real insurance card, since the one I had expired.  Oh well.

This is Pegasus, my new car.  I like him a lot.

After the doctor I went to the Verizon store.  I haven't been able to successfully connect my phone to our wireless router, so I figured I'd take it in and have someone look at it.  I'd been there for about 15 minutes when I saw mom walk in!  She wanted them to look into getting her navigation working again.  Last night I was helping her with phone things and we downloaded a widget that allowed her to toggle GPS on or off, instead of going through various menus.  Not only did it not work, but it uninstalled navigation.  So she went to the Verizon store as well.  She and I both left without our problems being solved, though.  With her phone I'm going to end up doing a factory reset... that should fix it. With mine... I guess I'm not going to be using a Wi-fi signal.  So if anyone out there knows has a Droid X and has  had similar issues, let me know.

When I got home I got lunch and watched an episode of Super humans.  Today's episode featured a guy who can withstand something like 160 degrees Celsius, a Shaolin monk who has perfected the one-inch punch, a  guy who can shoot faster and more accurately than anyone (from the hip), and another guy who jumped from 30 feet and landed in 12 inches of water...suffering no injuries.  It was really interesting.  I still want to know whether or not that show is real or not.  But in the mean time, it's entertaining.

Most of the afternoon I either read, played video games, or did chores.  It was a good time.  I made potato soup for dinner.  And by "make" I mean that I boiled water and poured in a mix.  But it was still good.  

After dinner dad went for a bike ride and I did more homework/played video games.  Not at the same time, just alternating.

Umm... when mom came home she told us about her day, we told her about ours, and then she and dad went to bed.  I played my nightly video games... and now here I am!

And now it is my bed time.  Night!


Day 51


Today started off pretty rough.  I stayed up a bit too late last night, so I was tired waking up.  Dad and I drove up to Toledo around 8:30 to go get the paper work filled out for my car.  But when we got there they manager was having some computer issues so we waited for over an hour while he tried to print off a temporary tag.  We ended up being up there for about two hours.  And it started storming.  So then we got lunch at Jimmy Johns (which was awesome).  As we pulled out, we'd gone about a quarter of a mile when I slid on the wet pavement at hit dad.  Thankfully there was no damage, but it really just... blah.  Anyways, I was tired, frustrated, and had to drive an hour home before I could do anything about it.  And do something I did: I took a nap.  But when I woke up I learned that neither of the people who were going to help me teach dance tonight were able to make it.  Which wasn't a huge deal, I just needed to prepare a little differently.

So that was my day up until about 3 pm.  It started to get better after that.  I started preparing for dance, figuring out what music to use and such.  Then I made some ravioli for dinner.  We eat pasta a lot.  Thankfully we all like past a lot.

After dinner we went over to the high school where we were doing the dancing.  We started around 6 and there were about... 20 girls.  Thankfully mom was able to help really well.  It was really hard because I couldn't dance with any of the girls when they were having trouble, but everyone made it through.  I wasn't too concerned about form and doing things well because I doubt there will be a lesson part 2.  But it was a lot of fun.

When we got back we had ice cream.  I tried to help mom get some stuff figured out on her phone... and after downloading an app her GPS navigation app disappeared.  So she's going to go to Verizon in the next couple days and ask them some questions, so I added that to the list.

After that, I played Assassin's Creed for a while, talked with Kimmy and on the phone, and now I'm going to bed!


Day 50

I was a little slow getting around this morning, so for breakfast I had a banana with peanut butter.  It wasn't nearly as good as I was hoping.  :/  For some reason I started thinking about Plumpy'nut while I was eating it.  The thought that peanut based food can have so many important nutrients just baffles me.

I saw Kelley and Mrs. Vandekoppel at church and sat with them.  And Mister.  He was there too.  We all sat together.  In a row.  The four of us, we were, in a line.  I'm not sure I can keep this explanation up, so I'm going to move along.

The service was really good.  Pastor Ben talked about how no one is going to heaven without God.  Specifically, he spent time discussing the intricacies of that small statement.  I've written about this before, but basically everyone on this earth, regardless of their sin, is on the same level: sinner.  It doesn't matter if you're the pope or a serial rapist, God sees you as a sinner.  Without Jesus' redemption, every person is on par with every other person.  Ever.  So let's stop thinking that we're high and mighty because we tithe or because we keep all the rules or some other garbage.  We are just as evil as every person we judge.  After we've gotten all that straight, it's important to realize that because we're all on the same level, only redemption through Jesus actually does us any good. The things we do should be a "thank you" to Jesus for being chill enough to not send us to hell for sinning.  Anyhow, that was church.  It was really good.

After church I came home and got some lunch.  Dad was watching the USA women's soccer team play... someone else.  I can't remember who and I'm too lazy to look it up.  While he did that, mom did some cleaning and I wrote a paper for my economics class.  That took up most of the afternoon because I just could not focus on anything.  Yay.  Then it was dinner time.  Mom and dad went to one of their soccer player's house for a meeting thing and dinner, so I made myself (read heated up for myself) some perogies.  After dinner I took my test.  That went....yeah.  It went.  I've realized that this is just a class that would be much better had I taken in a classroom.  And maybe if I'd had more than a one week break before starting.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

When I'd finished my test, I think I played a little Team Fortress 2... then I switched over to Assassin's creed.  And now here we are!

I forgot to mention something from yesterday.  While we were playing settlers mom asked me about a shirt I was wearing: allow me to link you.  So mom asked what it all meant.  She said she recognized the quadratic formula (near the bottom, starting with x = ...).  So I thought about it.  I definitely don't know everything, but starting from the top left and working across horizontally there is:
1. A mobius strip (a one sided band)
2. An identity - The cardinality (size) of set of rational numbers Q is equal to the cardinality of the set of natural numbers N.  And both of them have aleph nought (the first level of infinity) elements.
3. An isomorphism: the Integers map to the Real numbers
Next line
4. The definition of a logical conditional statement
5. A cube (A Platonic Solid)
6. A Finite State Machine (the thing with A and B in circles)
7. A knot
Next line
8. A dodecahedron (one of 5 Platonic solids)
9. The summation of the numbers 1 to n
10. A Mandelbrot fractal
11. A set identity (the compliment of A union B equals the intersection of A compliment and B compliment)
12. The McLaurin representation of e
Next Line
13.  Some important differential equation
14. Octahedron (another Platonic solid)
15. Graphical representation of the area under a curve
Next Line
16.  This has something to do with the dihedral group of order (size) n
17. Pi function (the number of primes less than or equal to x)
Next line
18.  Defining the set of rational numbers
19.  Cartesian Coordinate system
20. Something else related to differential equations (clearly I remember a lot from that class)
21. Another knot
Next line
22. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
23. Tetrahedron (Platonic Solid)
24.  A circuit
Next line
25. This might have something to do with Euler Routes... but I really don't know
26. Icosadodecahedron (Platonic solid)
27. Gamma function (multiplying all numbers from 1 to z, even if z is not an integer)
Next line
28. Euler's identity (also known as God's identity)
Next line
29. The Quadratic Formula
Next line
30. The repeating decimal representation of the Golden Ratio.

And there you have it!  Now I'm going to bed.


Day 49

Saturday.  I like Saturdays.  They're good for recuperating and starting things fresh.

Today began with two bowls of cereal (raisin bran) and some aimless meandering around the house.  This continued for quite some time until I took a shower.  Nick and a couple of his buddies came through Findlay on their way to a wedding in Dayton, so they stopped and I got lunch with them.  Mom and dad went to a cook out with mama and poppy at their new apartment.  So Nick and... Brandon... and I don't remember the other guy's name.  Anyways, they wanted to go some place local.  So I took them to Wilson's.

It's been a while since I was last at Wilson's.  I'm guessing somewhere in the ballpark of 9 years.  So we get there and we're standing in line... but no one takes our order.  After about 5 minutes of us awkwardly standing there a lady making sandwiches says "are you boys going to order?"  Apparently we were just supposed to blurt our orders out and hope for the best.  So we placed our orders, then we gave our orders to someone else, then another person.  No one wanted our full order, just a part of it.  It was odd.  They have four sizes of drink: small, medium, large, and boss.  I really only wanted a medium... but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have something boss sized.  Stupid marketing.... But the food was amazing, clearly.  Unfortunately my stomach wasn't prepared for that amount of... awesomeness (read grease).  A short stomach ache followed shortly after.

Shortly after Nick and friends left, mom and dad came home.  Dad napped and I talked with mom for a bit.  When dad woke up he and I drove up to Toledo to look at the Kia dealership.  Tom helped us out.  He was nice.  He had a very big personality, but he was very helpful.  I ended up driving a Kia Rio back home to test it out.  Dad and I are going back up Monday morning to finish the paper work... unless we see something that suggests otherwise.  We're going to do some research on the car to see if it has any big known issues.

Mom made dinner for us when we got back.  We had grilled fish and oven fries.  They all tasted much better than when I made that yesterday.  Way better.

After dinner we played a game of Settlers of Catan.  It was fun.  I won.  :)  Mom was really close though.  I took the longest road from her on my last turn and won.

Umm... after that... I messed around on my phone.  Changed some settings, downloaded a new interface, tinkered around with that.  Then I played Minecraft with Kimmy!  And now I am here.  Going to bed.



Day 48


Amber, I'm not sure this whole "start your blog with a new word every day" is really my thing...

Anyhow.  I had an omelette this morning for breakfast.  It was quite tasty.  When I had finished my omelette I worked out.  Today was chest.  I was going to do more lunges today, but my legs are still pretty sore from yesterday.  So just chest today.  After my shower I cleaned the basement up some and moved my kitchen things for next year into a corner next to the basement stairs so that they are less intrusive.

After cleaning the basement I did a little bit of laundry, mom went to work, and I got lunch.  I had the rest of last night's ham and rice.  I also started watching a new show on Netflix: Super Humans.  It's hosted by Stan Lee, who is credited with the creation of many of Marvel's superheros.  He and some other guy go around the world looking for humans with extraordinary abilities, then figuring out how they are physiologically different.  The first guy was able to withstand 30 times the amount of electricity as a normal human being.  The second was able to calculate faster than a calculator could be used.  Then there was a blind guy who could visualize his surroundings using echo-location.  And the last was the world's strongest man.  I couldn't tell whether it was real or not, but it was very entertaining.  Parts of it seemed very sketchy, especially with the strongest man.  He claimed he could rip a phone book in half without using the standard tricks, but the camera doesn't show him start.  Later he is supposedly holding a motorcycle back that is going at full force, but it doesn't sound nearly as loud as when they tested it against trying to pull a Jeep.  Oh well.  It was still entertaining.

After lunch I ran some errands.  I went to the bank and to get dad's picture envelopes for his soccer team.  When I got back I played Assassin's Creed for a while, then started homework.  After about half an hour I realized that I needed to start on dinner.  So I looked through the freezer for a while, came across some frozen tilapia and went to work.  Nothing fancy, but it was food.

After dinner I finished my homework, then dad I ran some more errands.  We went to the recycle center, stopped to see mom at work, then went over to a car dealership to look at cars.  There were some there that were nice, but we're going to to up to Toledo tomorrow to look at the Kia dealership.  They had some good deals on their website.

When we got back I played more Assassin's Creed.  When mom got back from work she and dad went to the grandparent's to clean up before tomorrow and to Wal-mart to get some paint.  When they came back we brought everything in and they went to bed.  Then James and I did some serious winning in Team Fortress 2.  And now... it's bed time!  Night!


Day 47


So this morning started wonderfully.  Apparently the pizza didn't agree with my stomach so well... so I started the morning with a bit of a stomach ache. It was far less than pleasant.  But I got over that with some cereal and water.

The whole stomach ache thing really set my day back.  I started working out about an hour after I had intended.  Today was abs and legs.  This was also the last pairing of legs and abs that I will ever do.  I just wanted to curl up and die afterwards.  Eventually I decided to get up and stop bumming around.

Today was customer appreciation day at Jimmy Johns, so I went to go get a $1 sub.  Apparently about 100 other people had the same idea.  There was literally no where to park. The parking lot was packed, the parking lot for neighboring businesses was full, the streets were packed, even the yards of the people of the near by neighborhood.  It was bad.  I realized that I wasn't that sold on Jimmy Johns.  So I came home and had a sandwich.

Over lunch I watched another episode of deadliest warrior.  Today's episode features "Vikings versus Samurai."  I think I'm done with this show.  The basically tell you that the vikings have been weapons and are more powerful... but then their ominous "advanced computing technology" thinks otherwise.  One of the problems they have is that they assume that each person would use the similar weapons at the same time.  For instance, they assume that a samurai would use a bow at long range and a viking would use a spear.  However, a viking would use a shield if his opponent was using a bow.  Clearly.  The weapon demonstrations are really cool... but... meh.  We'll see.

This afternoon I started playing Assassin's Creed 2.  I enjoy it so far.  Then I did some laundry and homework.  Around 4 I started making honey ham and yellow rice for dinner.  It turned out really well.  I just kept coating the ham in honey and eventually turned the fire down very low and just let the ham sit in the bubbling honey/ham juice.  It was tasty.

After dinner we went to the grandparents to get some furniture, including the bed that's going to Muncie for Jessie and Richard.  Then when we got back, mom washed some lettuce for us to eat, and then we started "using your new phone lesson 2."  Except we didn't get to finish because I ran into an unexpected glitch... but after some googling I got it figured out.  We'll have to finish lesson 2 some other time.

Then... then I played some more Assassin's Creed 2 and here we are!  And now it's bed time.  Night!


Day 46

Edict (noun): any authoritative proclamation or command

I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  I really wanted eggs but did not have the motivation to make them.  So I had cereal.

I finally started working out again.  It's been really difficult to keep a consistent schedule when I've been gone so many weeks or when I'm needed at random during the mornings.  But I'm hoping that I can keep it up again.

When I'd finished working out, I played Just Cause for a little bit.  Well, until lunch time.  Over lunch I watched an episode of Hoarders and of Ultimate Warrior on Netflix.  Hoarders is absolutely terrifying.  Really good, but also scary.  Ultimate Warrior was interesting.  The premise is basically this: what if these two warriors from different time periods could fight each other?  Who would win? It's fun watching them test the weapons out.  They supposedly put all the measurements into a computer which determines the winner...but I'm pretty sure that's bogus.  In the episode I watched (Apache versus Gladiator) the Apache won 667 of the virtual battles and the gladiator won 333.  Really?  They expect me to believe that it was a nigh perfect 2/3 and 1/3 split?  I think not.  At the end of the show they have a mock fight between the two warriors.  It was entertaining, but not even close to how those people would have fought.  At one point the gladiator has the Apache on the ground, punching him.  The gladiator throws about two punches, then gets up and starts walking away.  Again I call their logic in question.  The audience is supposed to believe that a gladiator, a person they have painted as one of the most vile, ruthless, and blood thirsty people alive, would throw two punches to an incapacitated victim and be done?  No.  No no no, that is entirely incorrect.

Anyhow.  After lunch I spent probably about 45 minutes trying to get a new background on my phone.  I can't find the actual picture that I used, but it's of Danbo. That's not the picture I used, just a random Danbo picture for those of you who were unaware of it's appearance.

When I was sufficiently happy with my background, I washed some dishes and laundry.  Dad got home from work shortly thereafter, so we went to the high school so he could show me the gym.  I'm going to be teaching his soccer team how to swing dance on Monday and we're going to meet in the gym, so he wanted to show me how it looked.  When we got back dad went to his soccer game and I waited for mom.  She and I got some dinner, I showed her this sweet app I found for our phones called "Gesture Search," and then we went to dad's game.

It was brutal.  We got there about 15 minutes into the first half and his team was already winning 3-0... and dad had already enacted the "score off of head balls only rule."  Yeah.  It was serious.

After the first game mom took me home and I went off to Becky's to play settlers with her, Miles, and James.  After I soundly beat them all in the first game, we decided to play again.  I was doing really poorly at first... but somehow I ended winning that one too.  *shrugs*

And then I came home and went to bed!