Day 697

I should just make this a weekly thing.  It's essentially become that, it seems.  Originally I'd planned on making this a weekly update after graduation, but I'm just so uninspired to updated this anymore that I may have to change all of that sooner.  Maybe I'll try to make it to at least day 700... that's a bit of a landmark.

Well, it's been a pretty exciting past few days.  I worked really hard on my research project and finally completed it.  We even turned it in to Dr. Foley, so it's totally done.  Now I just need to make a powerpoint for our presentation and that's it!

On Friday, Mom and Dad came up to Muncie.  Dad ran in a race this morning, so they stayed up here on Friday night.  Later that evening, Kimmy and I went to a carnival that Ball State hosts every spring.  It was fun... except for the part where it was sleeting for a majority of the time.  It was really cold and wet.  But we had fun.  We rode a few rides and had some pretty great fair food.

Today was pretty relaxing.  We got lunch with mom and dad and Richard, then went grocery shopping.  Just the usual Saturday routine.  Then we just spent the rest of the day doing stuff around the house.  I had some homework to do (that I almost forgot about... oops).  And now it's really late, so I'm going to bed.

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