Day 688

You know, I just haven't felt like updating this recently.  So I haven't been!  But today.... today I will write something I suppose.

Kimmy had to work most of the day.  I spent the morning getting my taxes ready to send out (finally), washing dishes, and doing some homework.  Kimmy came home for lunch.  Then I went up to campus to do some work with Tim B. for a while.

I'm super excited to not have to use the computers in the Math department anymore... they're really really really slow.  And they like to restart without warning.  Today I had just started a timed assignment on Blackboard when the computer decided to restart.  It then took ten minutes for the computer to restart and get back into Blackboard.  Obviously the timer doesn't pause when you close out of the browser, so I just had to deal with not having those ten minutes.  Usually that isn't a huge deal... except that right after I'd logged back in, a class came in and needed to use the computer lab.  Which is fine, but it just meant I had even less time to complete the assignment.  But we got everything done with some time to spare, so that was good.

After I got home, I did some more dishes and homework.  Kimmy got home just in time for dinner, so we ate some left over soup and.... then it was back to work.  My students have a test tomorrow, so I figured I should actually write it.

I like to make interesting questions that aren't just "Here are your numbers.  Give me new numbers."  I like to use names and silly examples.  On this test I decided to use Italian names and examples.  But that just made me want to go back to Italy....  Boo.  I do not get to go to that place.

And now it's time for bed.  For I am sleepy and have get to work out in the morning.  Woo.

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