Day 692

I should figure by now that Mondays are just long days.  As it turns out, today was no different.  It started out with some running with Tim H.  We didn't run for quite as long as we could have, but he had a meeting he had to attend.

After I got home, I got some coffee in my system, then got ready for school.  I tutored some students for a while, then I met with my research team.  We figured out what remaining things we want to talk about in our paper and presentation, then divided up the different topics between people.  It's going to be a busy week, but it shouldn't be awful.

I guess I taught.  Yeah... that is a thing that I did.  I think it went well.  It was just basic interest stuff.  I also gave them my "two minute explanation of the stock market."  Some of them claimed it couldn't be done.  And it could have theoretically been done... but not today and not by me.  I get too carried away, especially when I know I'm being timed.

When I got home, we started some dinner.  We had planned on going for a walk, but then we had to math.  And it was hard!  We were trying to figure out the bill from Macy's and it just made no sense.  Between buying, returning, getting credit for Kimmy's employee discount, giving the amount of discount back on a return, and paying the bill for last month then returning the purchased item... it got confusing.  It took us far too long to wade through Macy's billing statement.  But we eventually got it.

After dinner, I started grading and looking at grade statistics.  It's fun.

Now I'm going to bed.  I have lots of research and writing to do tomorrow... Oh boy.

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