Day 691

It's getting to that part of the semester where everything is dull, uninteresting, and of seemingly little importance.  I'm very fortunate that I don't really have that much to do... but I don't want to do what little I have.  It's pretty frustrating, but I'm getting used to it.  Every semester seems to end with this.  I'm hoping that I can escape this pattern once I start working. Or at least not be as regular with it.  Twice a year gets pretty old.

Today was a fairly normal Sunday.  Get up, church, lunch, and home.  Today at lunch we talked about some fond memories at Mount Vernon, and then our various moving endeavors.  Jessie and Richard are moving to their house soon and we're moving to our AWESOME apartment in just a few weeks.  It's going to be pretty awesome.

Some more people came to view our house today.  This time our landlord's wife showed them around.  We were fine with that.  I didn't really know what I was doing last time, so I was very thankful that someone else did it for me. They seemed to like the place, but they seemed a little shocked at how much it cost to heat the house during the winter.  Maybe... I'm really bad at reading people.  Anyhow, hopefully someone decides to rent this place in the near future.  That would be awesome.

After they left, we had some dinner.  We were going to make a new thing... but we were hungry and didn't feel like making anything.  So left overs.  After dinner I worked on my lesson plan for tomorrow.  I get to teach on things that aren't nearly as heavily rooted in math theory, so I'm hoping that it goes over well.  I'm excited.

Hm.  Not a whole lot else that I can think of... just two more weeks of school!  I recently learned that I don't have any finals to take during finals week (just one test to give), so hopefully that week will just be packing.  And more packing.  And grading, I suppose.

OK.  That's all for now.  Night.

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