Day 678

Oh my goodness.  This was a ridiculous day.

It began with Tim H. and my early morning workout.  Today, I suggested to Tim that we just run.  And run we did.  It was good.

When I got back, I had a quick shower, packed a lunch, then went off to school.  My research group did our presentation today, so I needed to create a PowerPoint and do some work before we presented.  I was in the computer lab working on the presentation for about three hours.  After about two hours, my group members met with me and we did some last minute analysis of our data.

Then I went to my office and did some preparation for my lesson today.  And some grading.  There's always grading, isn't there?  I suppose that's how teaching works.

The presentation was fine.  The projector wasn't working very well, but it did its job for a while.  Something went wrong during my group's presentation, so there was not PowerPoint during the last few slides.  Oh well!  Most people either seemed interested or at least not super bored during our presentation.  There were a few questions, but we were able to answer them easily enough. Dr. Foley suggested that we try adding a new variable, so we'll see if that's doable.

Then I taught.  This chapter is hard because it's not as easy for them all to grasp a practical application for everything.  And I totally understand.  I did my best to ease into the topic, but it's still pretty tricky.  This chapter is mostly just a matter of thinking about everything properly and doing lots of problems.

Finally I got to come home!  We were both pretty hungry, so we had an early dinner and then went grocery shopping.  Kimmy and I come to the conclusion that no matter what we get at Aldi, we will spend around $40.  It seems like we can have a cart full of food or just a few items, it's always around $40.  As we were leaving, I actually heard another guy tell the cashier the very same thing: "I don't get it... my total is always around $40 and it doesn't seem to matter how much I get!"  I even check the math sometimes and it always adds up to around $40.  It's strange.

Now it's time for bed.  I'm tired and had a very long day.  Good night.

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