Day 685

And yet another very full day!

This morning began with working out with Tim H.  Mondays are our running day.  The goal was "more than a mile."  We ended up going 2.5 miles and we were both pretty pleased with that.  I was quite sweaty afterwards.

When I got back, I had a quick shower and then went up to campus.  I initially started doing some work on my research project, then I went to go work on homework with Tim H.  Between working on the assignment and helping him tutor some students... that was my day.  And we didn't really make any progress on the homework.  We're following our notes pretty closely, but it's not making any answers that make sense.  Ugh.

I also taught today.  That went... okay.  It's a hard section and I'm having a rough time with it.  Today (at a student's request) I tried to explain by example.  It generally was fine, but there was still a lot of theory that needed to be covered.  So I wrote lots of things down, used numbers where I could, and... mainly just tried to go slowly and stop when people tended to cease understanding.

After I got home, I tried to make some more progress on the homework.  That didn't really go anywhere.  It's getting pretty frustrating.

Some people are coming tomorrow to look at the house, so we did some cleaning in preparation for that.  But after a while I just got tired of standing and doing stuff... so I stopped.  I'll finish cleaning tomorrow.

I think it's time for bed now.  Good night.

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