Day 709

Graduation day!  Woooo! It's officially over.

It was very strange... today didn't feel like anything special.  Tuesday felt like the real end of an era: cleaning out my office, turning in my key, saying good-bye to my office mates who I've gotten to know over the past two years, saying good-bye to the amazing math department staff... that's when it felt like it was really over.  Sort of a "last day" versus "retirement party" conundrum.  So today was the party, of sorts.

Mom, dad, and Jessie came over for lunch.  Kimmy and I made ham and rice.  And then we had cookie cake for dessert!  It was buckets of goodness.

Then.... commencement.  I got there about an hour early to figure out what I was doing and where I was going.  I'm glad I was so early because there were a lot of people.  I eventually did find out where to go and my friends also found me.

The "mathematical sciences" were one of the first groups to go through the ceremony, so we got the important thing out of the way and sat for the next hour.  I sat next to Tim H, so he got to listen to me talk about whatever things happened to be on my mind at the moment.  He's a trooper.

After the ceremony I got pictures with family, friends, and most likely some people I didn't know... because photobombing is awesome.  And then that awful part where I had to say good-bye to everyone.  Ick.  Thankfully, some people are moving to Louisville with me.  But there are a lot who aren't.  Whenever I have to say good bye to people, I get all these gross emotions.  Emotions are just such untidy little devils.

On an additional note: this will probably be my last daily (except I haven't written this every day for a few months...) update.  I'm going to be attempting weekly updates so that I don't get as bored writing this when everything is the same thing.  We'll see how it goes.

Anyhow, that's all for now.  Be prepared for an exciting updated for my first week of post-grad school life!

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